Architecturally speaking what kind of house is it? 3 story 10 room Federal with center hall

How did it get its name? A ferry service transported goods, supplies, people and animals to and from this location. There were several stops on the ferry route.

Is the house furnished? Yes, the house is fully furnished for the period

I heard there was a courthouse there. Is that true? Yes, the Third Princess Anne Courthouse was there. The courthouse still stands and the current house was built onto the courthouse.

Was Grace Sherwood, the “Witch of Pungo” tried on this property? Yes, however, she was tried at the second Princess Anne Courthouse which once stood on property currently occupied by Old Donation Church. The original plantation extended beyond Wishart Road and behind Haygood Shopping Center. In fact, the road behind the shopping center is named Ferry Plantation Road. The courthouse that still exists today at Ferry Plantation House was the Third Princess Anne Courthouse.

What is the age of the house? The current house was built in 1830 using the good bricks from the Walke Manor house that burned to the ground in 1828. The Walke Manor House was much larger in size.

Is the house haunted? We don’t call it haunted. Several “spirits” have been seen and visitors have experienced unusual encounters. None have been threatening. The house is open on Halloween evening each year for those interested in learning or experiencing more. This was added by public demand.

Are there any educations programs held there? YES. We hold several programs for all ages and interest. There are weaving classes, fiber arts, children’s history programs, and a summer history camp for grades 1-6, home school programs, and much more. Simply call the house for further information.

Can I sign up on line for any of these programs? Yes. You can also call the house for dates and special events.

How can I volunteer? Simply come by the house any day that it is open and discuss your desire to volunteer. We can always use an extra hand and will gladly give you the training you will need.