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A Place in Time: The Age of the Witch of Pungo provides intricate details of life in Princess Anne County, VA, and the struggles of the early colonists. The story is told of the family of Grace White Sherwood during the 1600’s into the 1700’s, and the many difficulties faced by the settlers throughout that time period.  The book leads readers through the hard times faced by this incredible woman who survived accusations of witchcraft against enormous odds.  Grace Sherwood was Virginia’s only witch convicted by water in the Lynnhaven river, who was jailed, eventually given her freedom and lived to age 80 on her land on Muddy Creek Road.

Grace Sherwood was exonerated 300 years after her trial by water by Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine on July 10, 2006.  A statue now stands on the grounds of Sentara Bayside Hospital in her honor,

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GHOSTS, WITCHES and WEIRD TALES OF VIRGINIA BEACH by Lillie Gilbert, Belinda Nash, & Deni Norred-Williams.  This book is a collection of odd tales woven with bits of history and local lore, especially of Ferry Plantation House. In the book there is phenomena to ponder, stories to contemplate and marvel to mull over. Are these stories or parts of them true? Are there spirits around us? Are the ghosts and witches real? It is time for you to decide. We invite you to turn on a light, curl up with your favorite pillow and enjoy.

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BAYSIDE HISTORY TRAIL A VIEW FROM THE WATER  by Lillie Gilbert, Belinda Nash, & Deni Norred-Williams. This magical history tour begins on the sands of the Lynnhaven River in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The reader will discover cove by cove the heritage of the land and water on the Western Branch of the Lynnhaven River. More than a history text, this book is designed to help guide boaters through the waters around Ferry Plantation in their present journey through centuries past.

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