At Dusk, Rides the Lady in White

Many guests of Ferry Plantation reported having seen The Lady in White

Ferry Plantation on the Lynnhaven River has a colorful past that spans over hundreds of years, and often crosses over into the spirit world. A glimpse or a whisper can be heard in a fraction of time just to let the believers know that there is a longing for a story to be told. It is believed that the Lady in White has remained on the plantation to tell her tale. Multiple sightings over the past century have been reported by owners of the plantation and those visiting the grounds.

The year is 1826, The Walke Manor House has visitors that stay on the Plantation from time to time, mostly cousins. To set the scene, a huge brick Manor House, a race track, acres of fruit trees and a bounty of legendary oysters in the bay. The men indulged in gambling, drinking and card parties that ran into the early hours of morning. The women on the other hand enjoyed the beautiful countryside with games on the glorious greens and a sip of sherry or mint julep with their tea.

Tragedy strikes and the Lady in White is found at the bottom of the staircase, her lifeless body never to enjoy the fresh sea air on her face or hear the laughter of children that she governed for many years. Psychics have reported that her neck was broken and she died instantly. Some say her heel was caught on the hem of her dress, others blame the children at the top of the stairs for her fatal fall. It is rumored that in her day she enjoyed the race track as she is seen even today wandering the fields where the cloud of dust and pony hooves were embedded for many years. She has also been seen riding on a two wheeled bicycle which cannot be mistaken for a modern bike as one wheel is much larger than the other. The whiskful layered light remnants of her clothing catch the breeze as she rides as if floating on air in the old roadway which was recently uncovered. This Lady in White has been seen by many including multiple guests in attendance at an oyster roast held on the old plantation. A friend asked me to introduce him to this Lady he saw at dusk following one of our events and not having a clue as to who he was referring to, I just put the thought aside. Twice more that evening while we were cleaning up she had caught the eye of her admirer, and with no help from his friends, he left feeling low as he was never introduced to her.

It was not until a few months had passed and my friend mentioned the Lady in White once again. “Who was she? Could you not have introduced me to the stranger that had made such an impact on my heart?” Hearing his detailed description of her riding her bicycle in the pasture as night was falling and knowing the stories told by so many, I had to tell my friend that she was a spirit from the past. I was so sorry that she could not be here for him as he after the next few years seemed to be still pining away as if he has lost someone forever. He had never been the same since that experience.

We welcome those that are open and sensitive to the spirit world to come and explore Ferry Plantation in hopes that they can help these restless souls by telling the stories of those that were not ready to leave a place they loved to roam.

by Belinda Nash